Real-Time Business Alerts with Key Contact & Company Information







Our solution lets you take key actions to ease your business sustainability and growth phase

Funding & IPO Filings

Get the daily alerts on companies raising the fund and filling IPOs to discover more new opportunities to grow your business along with them

Merger & Acquisitions

Latest coverage news on Merger and Acquisitions to find an effective way to boost your business strategies and operations.

Executive Changes

Looking for the secret to make an offer that can’t be refused but to the Key Decision Makers? Always watch out for the Executive changes to make your sales process effortless and promote your business.

Events & Awards

Must have information of the Exhibitors, Awardees and Sponsors as it helps you to reach them with your business offerings and win them for a lifetime

New Product Launches

As everyday new products are being launched, get the information about their company and founding members to boost the synergy between your business and the new product


Prepare yourself with quick alerts on company restructuring for a buyout, sale, merger, change in overall operations or ownership transfer

Physical Alerts

Get an insight of location or headquarter changes, expansion of new branches or offices globally

Company Profiles

Daily alerts for fresh opportunities. Intelligently manage thousands of thousand company profiles that are matter to your business

Decision Makers

Make a smart move to hit the right person at the right time that matters for your business. 100% Human Verified Data!

Feature List

Claim the data of most featured companies such as Inc5000, Forbes 100,MENA Fast Growing 250,Top 100 Unicorns, etc at alerto

Right Time to Action

Alert your team of professionals with any changes that happen in your
territory or at your prospects’ companies with the real-time
data to plan your next move smartly

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